5 Hip Hop Dance Moves You Can Learn in Your Holiday Period

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Dancing, one of the fantastic games you can try with your friends on your holiday, is richly filled with fun. The ability to move your body as an instrument of expression and communication rhythmically to your favorite music exposes you to a world of pleasant enjoyment and pleasure.  Dancing can also help you maintain physical fitness and stability, increase muscular strength and aerobic fitness, and even improve your heart and lungs’ health state. Weight management and body flexibility also accompany the tons of benefits of making dancing your favorite hobby.

Likewise, dancing with your friends and loved ones can also help you develop teamwork skills, focus, and social connections. And you don’t need lots of equipment to learn dancing. You can learn it anywhere, anytime. Therefore, consider learning the dance moves to the most famous music genre in the world today, hip pop, and dance to your favorite hip hop songs. Here are five hip hop dance moves and their how-to which you can learn in your holiday period.

1. Popping and Locking

Popping and locking is a principal hip hop dance move that allows you considerable freedom since it’s naturally an extemporized hip hop dance style. The necessary steps you can learn include alternating the contraction and relaxation of your arms, legs, and torso’s muscles, quickly and successively, and then flexing these muscles coincidentally.

Then, grind your shoulders while stable for a particular period, and lock them. You can also bend your arms at elbows points, hold your hands in space, and close it. Then, make a successive count of three, pop into another location, and lock it again. You can then continue to repeat the above steps, popping and locking each time. 

2. The Moonwalk

The Moonwalk is significantly associated with one of the most excellent hip hop dancers, Micheal Jackson, and his incredible performance of Billie Jean in the Motown 25th special anniversary in 1983. This hip hop dance style is still famous today, and it involves a backward movement, which creates an illusion that you’re sliding both your feet across the floor when you’re performing a backward motion.

The dance move might seem technical, but you can quickly learn the steps. First, lift your left heel with only your toes on the ground while you synchronically backward-glide your right foot. Then carefully shift your weight and do likewise with the opposite sides, repeatedly to make a complete dance move.

3. The Running Man

The running man, also known as the hungry caterpillar, began in the late 1986 and early 1987 but became popular in the 1990s after Janet Jackson remarkably performed the move in her hit’s video, the Rhythm Nation, and afterward on the Rhythm Nation World Tour and many other live shows. The running man dancing style is one of the most fun, popular hip hop dance moves. 

The steps include turning sidewards with your feet and arms hanging at your sides and bending your knee as you lift your left leg upwards, making a perpendicular angle as you lift your arms, bend them, and your hands clenched. Likewise, bend down and backward, coincidentally with your left leg, and lift your right leg upwards while bending your knee perpendicularly and pushing your arms downwards with additionally relaxed clenches. Consider repeating the steps to become skilled at this dance move.

4. Hammer Time

The famous American rapper, MC hammer, was a significant member of the hip hop movement founders in the 1990s, and his music videos remarkably inspire this hip hop dance move. Then, music videos were becoming increasingly successful, and people could identify with his dance moves. Learning this dance style involves jumping into a square and then leaping again to a cross foot stance, and subsequently spinning.

5. The Spongebob

Unlike popular misconceptions, the Spongebob dance move isn’t associated with the character Spongebob Squarepants. And the more you try it, the simpler it becomes for you. You’ve got to stand straight on your legs with your shoulders wide apart and your arms by your sides to learn it. Then, kick your right foot below your knee and set your legs to the figure four shape.

Then strike the right foot, and concurrently hop with your left foot, some inches away to the left. With the right foot set firmly in the ground and lifting your left foot, kick your left foot behind your right knee once, with the earlier figure four shape but opposite spaced legs this time. Then, kick to the left and hop to the right with your right foot. You can then repeat the steps mentioned above several until you become balanced and skilled in this dance move.


Learning the dance mentioned above moves will enrich you with both creativity and fun as you try them out. To become adept at these moves, you’ve got to be confident, do lots of practice, and consider enrolling under a dance coach. When tired, don’t forget to relax in a chair to regain your strength. If you’re into tap dancing, make sure that the place where you will be dancing is safe. You might have to invest in a drill press (bestcabinettablesaw.com/benchtop-floor-drill-press-reviews/) to repair your broken chairs or floors for dancing. Try these moves and enjoy them but most of all, be safe so you can have fun.