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About Us

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Hep cat’s Holiday is the ultimate dance spot dancers, dance instructors, and parents can turn to for reliable, practical, and professional dance solutions for dancers of all genres and at all stages of their dance life.

We are reliable, practical, and professional.

You will never learn how to dance by staring at your screen. You will not grow as a dance teacher by sitting there. However, dance blogs have made it possible to explore the world of dance in the most remarkable ways:

  • We do not teach you how to dance.
  • We do not make unrealistic promises.
  • We also do not guarantee fixes, instant results, of cookie-cutter techniques.

Hep Cat’s Holiday is a dance blog where dance professionals share their experience and proficiency with dancers, dance instructors, parents, and other experts who want to learn and grow together. 

Regardless of your location, you should never feel isolated from the world of dance. We help you access advice, dance resources, tips, and inspiration to help you become the best version of yourself. 

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Our Mission

We are proud to contribute to the world of dance by inspiring many dancers, dance teachers, and parents. We strive to pull resources to offer the highest quality of dance for all generations, levels, and genres. 

At Hep Cat’s Holiday, we are happy to allow dancers to find a unique way of expressing themselves in the world of dance. 

Our mission is to offer excellence in our articles, materials, and resources to our community of online dancers, dance instructors, and parents. We are dedicated to helping dancers develop their full potential in the world of dance and create an enjoyable environment by offering comprehensive coverage of dance news and reviews.

Our Vision

We view dance and all other forms of performing arts as an essential part of human expression. We believe dance is a universal language that allows people from every corner of the world and different cultures to express their feelings and emotions most profoundly. We believe that every interested person should have the opportunity to access dance resources regardless of their age, gender, experience, profession, or genre in the most extensive variety of dance styles. 

We are convinced that our community of online dancers deserves to achieve their full dance potential. Our vision is to broaden our reach as we offer the best dance tips and resources to meet our mission. 


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