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At Hep Cat’s Holiday, we celebrate all dance aspects by sharing knowledge, inspiration, tips, and news. We are here to inspire, empower, and educate the dancer in you. 

There is a need for awareness of wellness and a balanced lifestyle in the world of dance. This blog was designed to help dancers access valuable information to enhance dance performance. We are also here to help dancers through every step of the journey to make them better and better by the day. 

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If you are struggling with health issues, this blog will help you accelerate your rehab and perfect your craft.

The Hep Cat’s Holiday is your ultimate dance guide that will optimize your dance performance, prevent injuries, and resolve physical and emotional pain issues. The information on this site is designed with tools you may need to help you enhance your dance performance regardless of your genre and offer tools.


We are proud to contribute to the world of dance by inspiring many dancers, dance teachers, and parents. We strive to pull resources to offer the highest quality of dance for all generations, levels, and genres. 


We are convinced that our community of online dancers deserves to achieve their full dance potential. Our vision is to broaden our reach as we offer the best dance tips and resources to meet our mission. 

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With our best tips and techniques learn ballet like your just telling a story or express a thought, concept or emotion.

Mondays 7-8am

Street Dance

Take your self to the next stage and go beyond your limit. With our modern and evolved street dance steps.

Tuesdays 7-8am

Modern Dance

Our instructors will take you back to the early 1900s. Learn freely and move naturally with just couple sessions.

Tuesdays 7-8am

What People Say


We love the Dance Class. The front desk staff is super friendly and helpful and my daughter loves her class.  Communication from the school is really excellent. She enjoyed learning the different hip-hop dance moves in a fun way.

Jane Foster

Ballet dancer

When I got to see my preschool daughter dance for the first time in class I was very impressed with what she had learned and how the teacher ran the class. Enrolling in any class of Hep Cats Holiday is really a great activity to do during the holidays.

Markus Slate

Modern dancer

The Dance Class is a family-owned business with a welcoming atmosphere. Our children are learning skills far beyond what is demonstrated on the dance floor…. self-confidence, positive attitude, respect, caring & kindness. It was really a fun experience that is worth investing in.

Mary Doe

Salsa dancer

Holiday offers dance solutions
for all dance genre

If you are a Dance instructor, you can expect resources that help you with technical aspects in your dance class or school, tools and information that enhance training performance, and access to valuable dance materials.

If you are a Dancer, expect guidance to help you refine your moves, navigate the world of dance, solidifying the concepts you get from your classes, and access dance resources from experts and a community of online dancers. 

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Meet Our Teachers

Anna Roberts

Salsa teacher

Laura Doe

Ballet Teacher

Lukas Doe

Hip Hop Teacher

Julia Smith

Ballet Teacher

James Doe

Ballet Teacher

Lucas Smith

Ballet Teacher